The very first time I went to visit my aunt at We Are Family I was impressed by the warm and inviting presence. As I stepped through the door I felt like I was transported to another zone- such peace and tranquility! The karma was awesome and the staff was great. Just loving this place and thinking to myself, this is where I want to be if ever I have to be in a senior's home.

Bob W. (Family Member)

I came to this beautiful place from a Rehab Center. This place is like heaven, so peaceful. I am so happy. There's nothing better than being here. Feels like being home again. Thank you, We Are Family for giving me back my life. I just love it.

Robin O. (Resident)

They love their residents! I have been to many Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs).  I am so impressed with WE ARE FAMILY. So organized, well run, and caring. They truly treat their residents like family.

David R. (Physical Therapist)

I have toured several We Are Family homes and each home I toured is just beautiful and tranquil. I work in Homecare and referred a friend to one of the homes. My friend and her family are so happy and thankful to me for recommending such a beautiful place for her mom to live out her life! The care is exceptional and the food is terrific and the surroundings are very clean and organized. She and other people that live there seem like one big happy family. They each get 24 hour a day service . Their health is constantly being monitored. I highly recommend We Are Family to anyone looking to be well taken care of. If anyone in my business is looking for an assistant living facility, this is the first place I take them to. Your family member will never be disappointed! I highly recommend any family to be placed there. I put my reputation on it! You are always welcome to take a tour and see for your self. 

Pat M. (Seniors Placement Specialist)

Wow! what a beautiful place, I love this home. Hopefully I’ll have the privilege of living here if I ever needed to be in an assisted living facility. Really mean that! Truly impressed. Kudos to the operators! 


Tom D. (Occupational Therapist)

As a part time companion/caregiver to a resident at We Are Family, I have seen firsthand, the personal relationship the staff maintains with their clients. The one-on-one attention given, allows for the nurture and caring which a patient truly needs and desires.

Steven L. (Professional Companion)

I must say that I am recuperating very nicely at We Are Family. I thank the owners and staff very much for being pleasant and courteous. Plus the meals are scrumptious, I have seconds most of the time. I can truly recommend this place to everyone. It's fantastic!

Julia D. (Resident)

Thank you Millicent for taking such good care of my husband, Stanley. You are very thoughtful and caring and your staff also. God bless you.

Hildi W. (Family Member)

Thank you for all you do for Jeff. We are so blessed to have found We Are Family. God bless you and may your lives be filled with love, family and friends.

Pat C. (Family Member)

Dear We Are Family:

God Bless you for all the care and love you give to our mother.

Anna F. Family (Family Member)

I have toured both of their ALF locations..... One is just more beautiful than the other....Both locations are very clean and are tastefully and beautifully furnished .  I observed and spoke to some of the residents who looked well cared for and were very happy to be living there.. I am in the healthcare industry and have referred patients to both locations and I would recommend this ALF to anyone....please check them out for yourself.. I am sure you will be pleased.....


Cindy C. (Director of Admissions) 

I’m very impressed with the sheer beauty of this small-scale facility but it is the caring of the staff that truly surprises me.


Leon B. (Therapist)

...I truly appreciate all the love you provided to Tom and myself. You are good people.

Susan R. (Family Member)